Issues Related with Cyber Crime and Security

  • Poorva Sanjay Sabnis Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi
Keywords: Cyber security, cyber crime, attacks, hacking


This paper mainly focuses on the current world-wide problem of cyber crime and its related security. We can define cyber
crime as the crime related with the information available on the internet..!! Here main objective is to hack the data from
various computers and misuse that confidential data. Basically there are two types of data hacking : active and passive. In
active hacking, we can realized that our data is hacked and being misused. But in case of passive attack, hacker is silently
observing our data and use this information for other purposes. Since we can not realizing that our data is being hacked, its
more dangerous. In case of cyber security also, these two types of attackes are included. Cyber security is related with the
information security on the internet. Cyber crime is the serious issue, we have to find the nature of attack and solutions
required for that attack. Cyber security plays an important role in the development of information technology as well as
internet services because internet services allows us to access huge amount of information such as data, texts, images, videos,
graphics, softwares from the internet.