A study of Quality Content Mining

  • Abdul Karim Siddiqui Research Scholar,Computer Applications, Deptt. Of Computer Science & Engineering, LPU- Punjab
Keywords: Content Mining, Things of Matter, TOM, Text Mining, Quality Content, E –Learning, Search Engine Optimization.


Quality Content availability and its accessibility on top searching rank is big issue before us. The paid inclusion of search
engine market has made things worse. Data mining is the process of data analysis to discover patterns and relationships in
data that may be used to make valid predictions by classification, clustering, prediction, association, extraction and sequence
detection of various types of problems. Present Era is the time for searching things of matter (TOM) over Internet and with
the advent of World Wide Web (WWW) technologies paradigm, teaching and learning has been shifted towards learners.
Today's online environment provides dynamic course materials to learners according to their needs and preferences. There
is a need to develop an intelligent computing environment based quality E-learning system that integrate soft computing
and probabilistic based techniques like Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining (DM), and Machine Learning to provide
adaptive learning content according to learner preferences.