Wireless Sensor Network Design Considerations

  • Vipul Narayan Department of Computer Science and Engineering Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology Gorakhpur, India
Keywords: Coverage, Region of Interest, Wireless Sensor Network, Sensing Unit.


Abstract- Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a challenging area and key technology consisting of a number of sensor nodes
deployed in the region for the data gathering task. The sensors are equipped with wireless interfaces through which they
communicate with each other and form a network. WSN plays an important role in the field of military applications, natural
disaster, health care monitoring, agriculture, pollution control, fire detection in forest etc. WSN has resource constrained
property so aim is to utilize efficient energy during data transmission from target to the base station. The coverage and
connectivity is an important issue in the WSN, avoid coverage and connectivity issues the ROI (Region of Interest) is fully
covered and supervised by at least one sensor in the sensor network. In the paper aim to provide the different component and
characteristic of the wireless sensor network. Different types of wireless sensor networks, types of coverage, important
research issues and challenges are also discussed.