IT in India : Challenges and Opportunities of the Past, Present and Future

  • Paras Vats B.Tech - Computer Sciences and Engineering, M.B.A. LLB
Keywords: Information Technology, Business Management, Supply chain management.


The marketing and management aspect plays a vital role in furthering the benefits of technology. Effective marketing that
helps convey the advantages that the technology brings does half the work and the rest lies with the effectiveness and
efficiency of the technology. As discussed above a general opinion of co┬Čoperation and adaptability is crucial for the
penetration of technology in the lives of general public. That general widespread opinion can be generated by means of well
placed and well managed marketing. Effective marketing has been accepted to play a pivotal role time and time again but it
doesn't take away the fact that effective and efficient tech always finds a way to glory and becoming an integral part of day-today
life of the general public.