A Review Study on the Use of Manet for Wireless Devices

  • Jaspreet Kaur Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering Apex Institute of Technology, Bilaspur, Kaushalganj, Uttar Pradesh
Keywords: Ad hoc network, routing protocol, characteristics, challenges, applications.


With the rapid development of wireless devices a MANET came into existence .a MANET which is also known as mobile ad
hoc network which connect mobile devices wirelessly. It is a self-organizing network which does not have any framework.
Hence it is self-governing system. Every device in MANET is free to move in any direction dynamically in order to share
information between devices or nodes of network. MANET has no any administrator node which is responsible for
controlling other nodes, each and every node of MANET is behave as router and host itself and form their own network
.various routing protocol is responsible for routing in MANET. This paper introduces, routing protocol, advantages, issues,
applications, characteristics of MANET.