Analyzing Internet of Things based Weather Monitoring System

  • Shreya Singh AIIT Amity University
  • Namrata Nagpal Assistant Professor AIIT Amity University
Keywords: Advantages, challenges, interne of things, issues, weather monitoring system


IOT, that is, Internet of things is a vast word which comprises of different hosts that are connected with each other in a
network, sharing data and information. This field of computer science is proving to give plenty of revolutionary ideas when
combined with various real time scenarios. Internet of Things based weather monitoring systems are very helpful stations
that are responsible for forecasting upcoming weather conditions. Weather monitoring though Internet of things is cost
efficient too. The information collected through weather monitoring is accessible wherever quired with the help of Internet
Of things. This paper analyzes the issues. challenges IOT based weather monitoring system and define various advantages of
how Internet of Things is evolving and fulfilling the human needs.