IOT Based Attendance System With COVID-19 Protection

  • Amit Sharma PHD Scholar AKTU
  • Sushil Kumar Assistant Professor School of Management Sciences, Varanasi
Keywords: Fingerprint Reading, Coronavirus, Thermal Screening, Biometric.


The performance of the students or employees which so ever organization they belong to can be measured by checking their
regularity. Generally, in schools and universities participation is set apart by calling their registration numbers or names and
marks the participation in participation registers. In research centres also records are kept up to follow the understudies and
use of lab segments. In each and every situation it is tedious and increase work on administration. Subsequently, organizes
begun utilizing student attendance marking systems depend on biometric information like fingerprint reading. In the current
circumstance made by Coronavirus all over the world, the thermal screening is likewise vital to permit the employee or
student to enter into the organization. The Fundamental goal behind this project is to make an IOT based attendance system
with COVID-19 security which can perform the preliminary thermal screening of the individual. Presently a day, we are
having basic attendance framework in various institutions however as innovation is developing older frameworks are being
supplanted by IOT based attendance system using different hardware such as Arduino, Wi-Fi module, fingerprint scanner,
GSM module etc. It also includes functionalities like initial thermal screening using a precision integrated-circuit
temperature sensors and automatic door opening using a servo motor. So, the major benefit of our system is that it provides a
safe and secure attendance system with coronavirus protection.