An Empirical Research on Machine Learning Algorithms and Its Applications

  • Poorva Sanjay Sabnis Assistant Professor School of Management Sciences, Varanasi
Keywords: Algorithm, Machine learning, Data, Artificial intelligence


In the today’s era of globalization, machine learning has gained a lot of attention and popularity due to its vital play in the life
of human being. The word “Machine Learning” can be defined as a set of computer algorithms that enables different systems
to learn autonomously and produces outputs and additionally improve the results from various analysis and outputs. For that
purpose, data will be provided to these algorithms, by which they automatically get trained to perform a certain task and then
get a certain output. By analyzing the data, process and output, we can train the system and apply that for different real-life
scenarios. There are various machine learning algorithms are available which can be used in various fields such as pattern
recognition, object detection, text interpretation and different research areas. Basically, Machine learning is a part of AI
(artificial intelligence) and it is used in the designing of algorithms based on the recent trends of data. This paper aims to
introduce different machine learning algorithms, types of algorithms and highlighting the uses of machine learning
algorithms in different sectors. It also focuses on how machine learning algorithm actually works. Overall this paper
produces the work done by the authors in the area of machine learning and its algorithms.