Analytics's Function in Social Media Branding and Marketing

  • Parimal Priya Ranjan Manager (I.T), Cryptonyx Technologies, Bangalore, India
  • Abhishek Srivastava Associate Professor, FMS, Gopal Narayan Singh University, Rohtas, Bihar, India
Keywords: Marketing Analytics, Influencer Marketing, Virtual Reality based analytics


Today, everything is traceable online viz web assets, social media profiles and other digital marketing initiatives may all be
linked to and tracked. It is quite amazing how much data marketers can access today. The majority of organisations rely
heavily on digital marketing analytics to build an online presence that promotes the promotion of their brand and business.
Without data analysis, your marketing activities won't yield the optimum results. You must create a strategy and become
addicted to analysing and understanding the facts. By doing so, you may evaluate the efficacy of your marketing initiatives
and decide whether you need to revise your plans or tactics. Digital marketing analytics gives a way to assess success. With
the use of these technologies, one can learn which content is effective, where target audience is situated, which channels have
the highest levels of interaction, and the steps audience can take to convert into paying customers.