Information Technology Enablement of Indian Police Department

  • Aditya Kumar Gupta Associate Professor, Department Of Computer Sciences, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi
Keywords: Information Technology, Safety, Security, Recovery System


Application of Information Technology in the department of police is surely an idea that will be would help in their primary
task, which is about to control and prevent crime in society. It would also help the police department to create a better and
more intelligent system for the detection of crime in advance and to investigate it. The applications of IT would also help the
police department to optimize its efforts, personnel, and resources.
The police department is established to maintain a secure environment with disciplinary approaches and well-defined
traditional parameters. But with the advancement of new cyber threats, the necessity for the IT sector in the police department
has increased. Information technology influenced the whole spectrum of society, each corner of the educational field, and
trading services to a great extent which enhance the need for skill in every aspect of opportunities for development.
Information Technology refers to the use application of computers to analyze, store and transmit valuable information,
viewing the part of the world into a single entity of the market. Its major role in the education system has introduced a
breakthrough in acknowledgment areas and produced a variety of opportunities. The major objective of using information
technology in the police department is to determine and describe the role of IT for better achievements in the area of Safety
and Security by enabling it to the police department. There is a requirement for the management of data in a prudent manner
so that it could be used for future studies and prediction of crime. The high-end integrated IT solutions have generated wide
scope of sustainability which leads to the growth of IT services, where enterprise problem-solving and skilled systems
incorporated, are expected to fuel growth in this segment.