Data Warehouse for Administrative Decision Making: An Approach towards Electronic Governance

  • Aditya Kumar Gupta
Keywords: Decision Making, Data warehouse


Administrative Decision Making is a complex process and based on many social and socio-culture issue. Since centauries the conventional decision making for state admistration is based on social and culture issues, religions background, traditional practices and even rules given in Holy books are some time applied in the name of natural justices. In the era of monarchy the rulers' wish and his Intelligent Quotation was used and applied for administrative decision making and justices. Remember, administrative decision making has no concern about true justice; it is something choosing best optimal from available, that is within rules
and law and necessary need to control the ethics and social values. In this democratic civilized world the real decision making is based on the facts and figures provided by society members and individuals, some time historical court decisions, comments and remarks are used to take guidance for justices and decision
The Electronic Governance has become an accepted methodology involving the use of IT to providing information speedily to all officers as well as citizens. Improving public services and administrative efficiency is the key objective of E-Governance applications. Like other government offices is complex,
time variant and multidisciplinary in nature. Quite obviously, the idea of using Electronic Governance for administrative decision making is courageous thought and far beyond computerization of other stand alone physical databases. This paper provides possibilities, perspectives and challenges for data warehouse based developing a decision support system for electronic governance. The use of IT by government would be made imperative to the extent possible but it has some challenges and limitation in implementation part. This paper focuses on centralized data warehouse for used for administrative decision and provide holistic view on the implementation issues using Electronic Governance.

Author Biography

Aditya Kumar Gupta

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi