Innovative Usages of Spreadsheet in Development of Work Efficiency

  • Pankaj Kumar
  • Navin Kumar
  • A.K.Singh
Keywords: Spreadsheet


This paper demonstrates how a spreadsheet can be used as a medium for the improvement of work efficiency of a common man. Improvement in work efficiency will lead to benefit in the job in a positive and profitable way. This paper shows how a spreadsheet can support the common man using basic skills in professionallyorientedcomputing applications. The possibility of using the spreadsheet software as a computationally efficient and visually enhanced learning environment makes it possible to study real-life situations of increasingly complex nature and compare them through analysing modelling data. Various facilities of spreadsheet make it possible for learners to see a manifold of ideas in a clear and natural way. Using thesfeatures of a spreadsheet in the preparation teachers, mathematicians, scientists, engineers and other professionals can significantly improve the development of skills that can be transferred across different disciplines and contexts.

Author Biographies

Pankaj Kumar

Faculty Member, MCA Course, Univ. Dept. of Mathematics, B.R.A.B.U., Muzaffarpur

Navin Kumar

MCA, Research Scholar (I.T.), MCA Course, University Department of Mathematics, B.R.A.B.U., Muzaffarpur


Ex.Director, MCA Course, Univ. Dept. of Mathematics, B.R.A.B.U., Muzaffarpur