Wireless Senssor Network Comprihansive Study of Mobility Representation And Model

  • Manoj Kumar Pandey
  • Suresh Chandra Wariyal
Keywords: Wireless Senssor Network


A wireless sensor network (WSN) is the growing technology that is using in various areas like defense, tracking, companies and medical area. For self configuration and self healing the WSN is a demanding network. A study of Mobility models are represented in this paper that are used in the simulations of network that is of sensor type. Several models are detailed in this research that shows the nodes that are mobile in nature whose movements are sometime dependent or sometime independent of each other depending upon the situation. The main concern of this paper is to present variety of models that are mobile in nature and
their pros and cons. After the discussion on various motilities model researchers get alternative to decide the best suited mobility model.

Author Biographies

Manoj Kumar Pandey

Director, Faculty of Computer Science and Application, Amrapali Group of Institute Haldwani, India,

Suresh Chandra Wariyal

PH.D Research Scholar, Bhagwant University, Ajmer, India