Various Filtering Techniques of Image Processing

  • Nitin Pandey
  • M. K. Pandey
Keywords: Filtering


Most applications in computer vision and computer graphics involve the concept of image filtering to reduce noise and/or extract useful image structures. Simple explicit linear translation-invariant (LTI) filters like Gaussian filter, Laplacian filter, Guided Filter and Sobel filter are widely used in image, blurring, Smoothing edge detection, and feature extraction. In this paper we demonstrate that all filters are e ective and e cient in a great variety of computer vision and computer graphics applications in different scenarios using MSE and PSNR parameters.

Author Biographies

Nitin Pandey

PhD Research Scholar, Dept of Computer Science, Bhagwant University, Ajmer.

M. K. Pandey

Director and Professor Faculty of Computer Science, Amrapali Institute, Haldwani, India