Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in Consultancy Services

  • Javan Rajput
  • Rishabh Jamar
  • Serena Lekhrajani
  • Supriya Agarwal
Keywords: AI, IoT


Business patterns are now hugely dependent on technologies to expand and grow as a company. With the passing time, old fashioned monolithic business attitude is becoming obviated. Consultancy Services use technology to extend their abilities and to serve their customers while strengthening their grip on the market. Company owners have the vision to recognize consumer wants and to devise ways to meet them. Two of the latest methods to achieve so are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). AI not just has a tremendous future scope, but is already used to automate mundane as well as administrative operations. Discovering new data, via loT, and reporting them with the help of AI, is a new method, as well as a challenge, companies are willingly accepting today. Al is also focusing on maximizing customer experience providing an active and live approach towards data analytics. Being one of the brightest future technologies, we need to start training existing workers and make possible, a successful way to implement the technology when the time arrives. This paper explains the different way in which AI and IOT can be integrated to provide a promising model for efficient use in the today's world.

Author Biographies

Javan Rajput

Department of CS,SVKM Mumbai,India

Rishabh Jamar

Department of CS,SVKM Mumbai,India

Serena Lekhrajani

Department of CS,SVKM Mumbai,India

Supriya Agarwal

Department of CS,SVKM Mumbai,India