Technological Transition and Online Educatio in India-A Conceptual View

  • Vir Pratap
  • Ganga Kumar Binha
Keywords: Education, internet


Over the decades, education has undergone a sea change in India. The traditional method of education has become outmoded; education is all about technology enhanced learning, distance education and online training. The growth of internet penetration and smart phone access has led to the surge of e-learning. This technological transition has led online education pave its way within the country's learning ecosystem. Distance is no longer an obstacle. Choice of course is no more a hurdle. A learner can choose a course programme, online education-service providers would ensure, efficient accessibility of course program. Brick-mortar models are not completely obsolete but online courses are gradually gaining ground due to their flexibility and low cost. This paper mainly investigates the challenges and opportunities put forward due to technological transition and the road ahead.

Author Biographies

Vir Pratap

Assistant Professor SMS Varanasi,U.P India

Ganga Kumar Binha

Assistant Professor,deprt Of Commerce & Managment Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag