Traits of Transformational Leader: Durga Saptshati- A Case Study

  • Surya Rashmi Rawat Symbiosis Law School, Pune, Symbiosis International University
Keywords: Transformational Leader, Durga Saptshati


Leadership is the ability of an individual to influence people to achieve desired goals. Different studies in this area have propounded various theories ranging from Trait theory of leadership to behavioral approach models to contingency models. Earlier people were of the opinion that individuals are born with leadership traits, either they are born leaders or are not. Then came a phase when people realized that these traits can be acquired too. But all these studies could not come up with any conclusive list of leadership traits. Various successful leaders may have similar traits but we are yet to come across the set of traits that every leader must possess. In nut shell we may say that, “which traits to acquire”, which specific traits make you a leader is still a question?
Now a day's increasingly, scholars are talking about transformational leadership as a tool to get better results in the organization. Transformational leaders influence the employee job satisfaction & morale in a positive manner.
Responding to this requirement of industry, in this paper the researcher has made an attempt to identify the traits which a transformational leader must possess. The study is based on a descriptive analysis of Durga Saptashati - a Hindu religious text. The study arrived at a conclusive summary of the traits of a transformational leader. Study revealed that the transformational leader has to be perceived as a mn with solutions rather than the man with problems