No One Can Serve Two Masters: A Contradictory Opinion in Case of Organizational Politics and Ethics

  • Akanksha Dubey Research Scholar, Department of Management Studies, ISM, Dhanbad
  • Mrinalini Pandey Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, ISM, Dhanbad
Keywords: Ethics, Organizational Politics


Organizational politics is seen as a process through which one tries to fulfill their goals without considering he well- being of others. The ways adopted for fulfillment of goals might be sanctioned or unsanctioned (Mintzberg, 1985). Ethics works as a foundation for the Organisation as it provides employees with a shared value system around which the intra organizational and inter organisation communication takes place. The aim of this research paper is to find out whether politics and ethics survives subsist together in an organization or not. An empirical study has been conducted to attain our objective. The study was conducted in Academic organisations. The idea behind selecting Academic organisation is that these institutions are considered as idle organizations where one learns morals, values and discipline. The outcome of this study shows that ethics and politics can be present together in an organisation.