A Decade of Donation-Based Crowdfunding: A Bibliometric Analysis using the SCOPUS Database

  • Vijaya Research Scholar, Faculty of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  • Himendu Prakash Mathur Professor, Faculty of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
Keywords: Bibliometric analysis, VOSviewer, SCOPUS, Donation-based crowdfunding, Charitable crowdfunding


This paper conducts a bibliometric analysis of the literature on donation-based crowdfunding by identifying important publications, authors, journals, countries, and frequently occurring keywords using VOSviewer. It analyzes a dataset of 701 publications sourced from the SCOPUS database with the help of five bibliometric techniques, including co-citation analysis, citation analysis, co-occurrence analysis, co-authorship, and bibliographic coupling. The citations and co-citation analysis of references reveal that "The dynamics of crowdfunding: An exploratory study" by Mollick, 2014 is the most cited article". Citation, Co-citation, and co-occurrence analysis of authors indicate that Snyder, J., Burtch, G., Schwienbacher, A., Lambert, T., Beleflamme, P., Catalini, C., Goldfarb. A., and Agrawal, A. are the prominent authors in the field. Bibliographic coupling of sources suggests that the journal "Sustainability" (20) leads in publications, followed by "Technological Forecasting and Social Change" (16). Moreover, a co-occurrence analysis of author keywords reveals that the keywords which frequently occur around donation-based crowdfunding are "Social Media," "Entrepreneurship," "Entrepreneurial Finance," "Social Capital," and "Fundraising." Finally, the citation analysis of the country of  publications shows that the United States leads in the number of publications (187), followed by China (89).