Leadership Role in Instilling Workplace Spirituality in Organizations

  • Ayatakshee Sarkar Research scholar, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, TISS, Mumbai, India,
Keywords: Workplace Spirituality, Leadership Role in WS, Core Spiritual Values


Leaders are the role model of an organization and its members align to the vision of their leaders. Hence leaders have to be extra cautious in articulating their vision, exhibiting behaviors and ultimately leading their followers. A leader, engaged in self-interest can merely think of social benefits; their investment in
knowledge and skill would be to meet economic goals only. Leader must, therefore, go beyond matters of economic importance and must engage in self-interest transcendence at workplace. Some workplaces could be less productive only because people cannot find a way to breathe their spirituality into work. But when
spiritual people join workplaces that fit their expectations they will not only support their colleagues but will seek quality and instill creativity. Since leaders play a vital role in facilitating spiritual culture in workplaces, this conceptual paper is an attempt to understand patterns of behaviors exhibited aligning to
the core spiritual values such as benevolence, generativity, humanism, integrity, justice, mutuality, receptivity, respect, responsibility, trust exhibited by a leader in three different roles as a selector, inductor and developer in an organization. I propose a model for the behaviors justifying each spiritual value in three
different roles.