Organic Leadership Style and Employee Engagement: The Mediating Effect of Social Relevance of Work in Context of Faculty Members in Higher Education

  • G.P. Dang Associate Professor in the Department of Commerce, D.A.V. (PG) College, Dehradun
  • Puneet Basur Ex-Principal, Army Public School and a Research Scholar, H.N.B. Garhwal University (A Central University), Srinagar-Garhwal (Uttarakhand)
Keywords: Organic Leadership, Employee Engagement


Leadership Style has been since long acknowledged by management scholars as being an important subject in relation to organizational executions and outcome. An effective leadership would not only be able to prevent job stress and burnout among group members, but would also be successful in enhancing the motivation and engagement of the employees. It has been widely accepted that operational excellence in an organization can only be maintained through engaged employees. In this study the researchers have strived to enhance the understanding of the complex relationship between the organic leadership style and the engagement level of the employees and to further comprehend the mediating role of social relevance of work in association of the two constructs i.e. leadership style and employee engagement, in context of faculty members in higher education sector.