Wisdom of Yoga and Meditation: A Tight Rope to Walk

  • Aruna Dhamija Associate Professor, Institute of Business Management, GLA University, Mathura (UP), India
  • Somesh Dhamija Professor & Head (UG), Institute of Business Management, GLA University, Mathura (UP), India
  • Amit Kumar Assistant Professor, Institute of Business Management, GLA University, Mathura (UP), India
Keywords: Yoga, Meditation


This paper focuses on studying and analyzing different aspects of yoga and meditation in one's life. For gaining the competitive advantage, these days yoga and meditation are being used as one of the key element in one's personal growth as well as professional life. In this cutthroat competition, everyone is so busy in
their lives that it is tough and tight for an individual to spare time for yoga and meditation. This paper highlights some myths and parameters regarding yoga and meditation, which are essential to be safe from dreadful diseases and necessary from the point of view of healthcare. Most of the studies performed in the
developed and developing countries reflecting that an individual is becoming more and more health conscious and therefore prefers to have different asana and exercises of yoga and meditation that are manageable and healthy for the individuals. Human being has examined the fact in order to meet the normal
workouts it is necessary to concentrate on physical and mental functioning of the body. Studies and research have proved the fact that by following the principles of yoga and meditation-peaceful mind, alertness and concentration can improve. This paper goes on to highlight how one can benefit immensely by practicing the various concepts of yoga and meditation to come out of the changing paradigms in a way not known before also would acquaint to about the myths, whys, difference, benefits and mechanism of yoga and meditation.