Spirituality Measurement Scale: An Empirical Study

  • Shikha Makkar Assistant Professor, Shri Ram College of Commerce, Maurice Nagar University of Delhi, Delhi, India
  • Ajay Kumar Singh Professor, Faculty of Commerce and Business, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, Delhi, India
Keywords: Spirituality measurement scale, Confirmatory factor analysis, Transcendence, Self- engagement, Self-efficacy


The purpose of this investigation is scientific study, and validation of Spirituality Measurement Scale (SMS) developed by Makkar & Singh (2018). This study is an extension and in continuation of SMS which was developed using exploratory factor analysis (EFA). To achieve this purpose a sample of 123 teachers from various colleges of University of Delhi, were selected using quota sampling along with snowball sampling technique. This was measured on a five-point Likert's scale commencing from strongly disagree to strongly agree. To confirm about the validity, confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was used, on the basis of which the number of measurement items, for each of the five dimensions was reduced and only those items were included whose standardized residual covariances were greater than 0.5 as a result of which five items out of forty four were removed. Discussion and recommendations for future research have been provided at the end of the paper.