Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Commitment: An Empirical Exploration

  • Naval Garg Administrative Officer, The Oriental Insurance Company Limited, Haryana, India
Keywords: Workplace Spirituality, Ethics


The paper aims to empirically explore the impact of six dimensions of workplace spirituality on three types of organizational commitment. Six dimensions of workplace spirituality used for the study are Swadharma, Lokasangraha, authenticity, sense of community, Karma capital and Krityagyata. Components of organizational commitment are affective, normative and continuance commitment. A sample of 541 employees working in various organizations was given a structured questionnaire. Correlations, regressions and Necessary Condition Analysis(NCA) were carried out. The paper has enriched the field of workplace spirituality by contributing to existing literature via adding one more construct of Indian
spirituality i.e. Krityagyata. Paper concludes that workplace spirituality climate helps in promoting organizational commitment. NCA elicited necessity of various dimensions of workplace spirituality for healthy organizational commitment.