‘Shree Ramacharitmanas’ and Celebrification Process based on Quasimodo Effect: Introducing a Model of ‘Segmentule Advertising’ to Create Future Celebrities for Political Campaigning

  • P. N. Jha Director, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi, India
Keywords: Shree Ramacharitmanas, Celebrification, Quasimodo Effect, Segmentule Advertising


Shree Ramacharitmanas intends to maximize the opportunities of becoming a celebrity figure for more people and thus implying to multiply the process of formation of celebrities (Celebrification). Several authors suggest their individual philosophies on the celebrification process. However, moving beyond the repertoire, the present paper, drawn from the design of unpublished work in 1995 itself by this author proposes a Model of Segmentule Advertising Communication by incorporating the tenet of Quasimodo Effect for providing an alternative process of celebrification in view of not only gratifying the innate desires of more number of people to subsequently become a celebrity-figure but equally augmenting the publicity-arsenal for Political Advertising.