Organizational Schizophrenia in Indian Organizations: The Mitigating Role of Resonant Leadership

  • Ashish Sinha Assistant Professor, School of Management, Doon University, Dehradun, India
  • Deepansha Gautam Research Scholar, School of Management, Doon University, Dehradun, India
  • Avinash Chandra Supkar Associate Professor, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi, India
Keywords: Organizational Schizophrenia, Resonant Readership, Organizational Health


Toxicity in organizations is not something new. One of its manifestations - occupational stress though is a thoroughly researched area,but in recent years it has got heightened attention,and this has something to do with the various kinds of problems that are engulfing organizations today. Today we have problems such as organizational paranoia and organizational schizophrenia on which the authors have decided to specifically focus on. Notall of these problems, their consequences and their mitigation have been well researched. An attempt in this direction has been made by the authors in the context of organizational schizophrenia and its mitigation with the help of resonant leadership. Resonant leadership is a fairly new concept in leadership literature popularized by the works of Goleman, Boyatzis and Mckee(2002) and others. Resonant leadership implies leading with both emotional and social intelligence. What can mitigate
organizational schizophrenia was the moot point. Taking a whirlwind journey through the conceptual and the research background of Organizational Behaviour, the panacea to these new faced problems lies in the foot of resonant leadership because resonant leadership is about building relationships, sustaining them and creating a workplace resonance or vibrancy. Loss of meaning and purpose of life, reality detachment, double bind paradox is what organizational schizophrenia is mainly about. Stress, burnout and other psychological manifestations is the natural consequence of this problem. An attempt has been made in this paper to find the extent of this problem in Indian organizations and how resonant leadership will mitigate it.