Toxic Leadership over the Years – A Review

  • R. Indradevi Associate Professor, VIT Business School, VIT University, Vellore, India
Keywords: Toxic Leadership


Over the past decade the 'dark side of leadership' has gained significant attention among researchers of various backgrounds. Exploring this 'dark side', Toxic leadership is identified as one of the most grave phenomenon that seen as an emerging and costly occurrence in organizations today. Toxicity in leaders is
an underlined reality within organizations. The attitude and behaviour of the toxic leaders influence the mind of the subordinates. Toxic leadership is a combination of self-centred attitudes, motivations, and behaviours that have negative effects on subordinates and the organization. Toxic or destructive leadership can lead to serious problems for the workplace, employees, team and organisations. So it becomes the need of the day for individuals and organizations to set up a defence mechanism to counter the spread of toxicity. A non-empirical method was employed for the purpose of this study. A literature approach was used to define Toxic Leadership and Toxic Leader and to demonstrate the different behaviours and qualities of a Toxic Leader and the impact of this leader on followers and organization. Based on the previous studies, this aper has also given means to counter the toxic leaders