Dwindling Ethics in Modern Times: A Study of Young Indian Managers

  • Mrinalini Pandey Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, Indian School of Mines University, Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India
Keywords: Dwindling Ethics


This is an era of “have more and want more”. No one is satisfied by what he or she has, and thus, in the quest to quench the insatiable thirst for more, people often take on to corrupt practices at the cost of their ethics and values. The cut-throat competition of the modern times has led to dwindling ethos. This article broadly speaks about dwindling ethics of youth of modern India. It posits a discussion on the ethical orientation of new managers. Through a theoretical enquiry substituted by empirical research, the study tries to determine the ethical standards of the newly appointed managers of a leading coal mining company of India. The broad objective of the paper is to understand the effect and role of ethical environment and culture of an organization on ethical practice of new entrants. The findings of the empirical study indicate that ethical standards of employees are dwindling in the modern times. As such, the paper contributes to developing an insight on ethical practices and has implications for managers, government, employees and society at large.