Impact of Learning Styles on Identification with Culture as a Moderating Variable

  • R.N. Padma Education Consultant, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India
  • N.R. Aravamudhan Associate Professor, Department of Management Studies, Mahendra Institute of Technology, Mallasamudiram, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Learning Styles, Organization Identification, Organization Culture, Organizational Change, Double Loop Learning, Market Culture


With the continuous changes in the organizational environment, the importance of organizational identification becomes more significant. Identification is a psychological construct that connects the employees with the organization they work for. Understanding the antecedents of identification will aid the organization to shore up organizational efficiency by creating conditions that spur high degrees of identification among employees. The purpose of this study is to understand the relationship among the variables, such as Organizational Culture (OC), Organizational Learning (OL), and Organizational Identification (OID). Though the study is exploratory, it is based on the general proposition that employees’ identification with the organization will be influenced by the learning style of an organization and the strength of this influence will be determined by the manner in which they perceive the culture of an organization.
Path analysis is used to explore these relationships.