Impact of Firm Attributes on Environmental Information Disclosure: An Empirical Study of NSE Listed Indian Firms

  • Santosh Kumar Assistant Professor, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi
Keywords: Environmental Disclosure Index (EDI), Environmental Information Disclosure (EID), Firm attributes


The present study uses exploratory design to investigate the relationship and impact between the firm attributes (Firm size, leverage, ownership, and ISO certification) and the level of environmental disclosure. For the study, 62 companies are selected as the final sample from NSE 100 index as of 31st March 2019. Based on a prior literature review, Environmental Disclosure Index (EDI) has been taken as the dependent variable, and Firm size, leverage, ownership, and ISO certification have been taken as independent variables in the research model. Correlation and Multiple regression analysis are used as statistical techniques to find out the association and impact between dependent and independent variables. The evidence of empirical results shows that firm size, ownership, and ISO certification have a significant impact on the level of environmental disclosure at 5% level of significance but firm leverage has been found to be statistically