Customers Views on Covid-19's Food Delivery Applications' Quality Assessment

  • Mukta Goyal Associate Professor,Guru Nanak Dev Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • Tanwangini Sahani MBA (FA), GGSIPU, Delhi
Keywords: Covid, Food Delivery Services, Online Apps, Generation Z, Client Loyalty


Online users can use a website or an online application to order food for delivery or takeout from a nearby restaurant. It
resembles online consumer product purchases in certain aspects. Cash, debit cards, or credit cards are accepted as forms of
payment, and a portion of the money is given to the online food company. The study focuses on companies that offer food
distribution services and carry out service activities including food delivery to clients and food sales as items. Because
Generation Z is predominately made up of self-employed people who lack the time to cook a meal, food delivery services are
important in their lives.
The study's importance lies in understanding the positive and bad effects that the COVID scenario and lockdown have had on
them. The study aids in understanding the numerous marketing initiatives launched by the major online meal delivery
services in an effort to boost sales and foster client loyalty. This study also focuses on the different safety precautions that
online food delivery services take to guarantee the security of their delivery personnel, the restaurants they work with, the
customers, and the quality of the food, as well as the viability of such services both during Covid and generally.