Socio Economic Status and Time Management Skill of Women Teachers In Higher Education

  • Indira A SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Kattankulathur
Keywords: Socio economic status, Women teachers, Time management


The modern woman is toiling hard to prove her worth on the fronts, her household, and her place of employment. Taking up careers creates
the need for the homemakers to fulfill dual roles – homemaking and wage-earning. Homemaking itself is a full-time job, over which the
career demands another eight to ten hours of homemaker’s time daily. Good time management provided the ability to keep a balance in
our lives or to recognize where the imbalance is. For instance, is all our focus on work rather than on leisure and social activities good?
What about our family and those near and dear to us-are they allowed to play an important role in our lives, or are they constantly brushed
to one side?
The overall objective of the study is to analyze the socio-economic conditions of women married teachers in Higher Education in Dindigul
and to examine their time management practices and skill. The nature of adjustments made by the respondents to solve the problems
mainly includes help from family members and friends, postponement of less important activities, and use of leave. The study observed that
for the majority of the respondents, achieving goals related to the use of time is mainly due to proper use of available time and efficiency in
attaining responsibilities in a limited time. This again reflects how the women teachers are successful in meeting their responsibilities

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Indira A, SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Kattankulathur

Assistant Professor

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