Engaging Learners during Online Teaching

  • Ruchie Sah Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering Technology & Research, Bareilly
Keywords: Covid-19, Work from home, Teaching, online classes, video lectures


All the great things may not start from your comfort zone. Also, it is undeniable and something very usual that one needs to step out from
the comfort zone to achieve something big. But Nature has its own plans. The way it taught everyone recently during the pandemic, to step
out of their comfort zones. It has also given them a chance to achieve whatever plans people had from their very own comfortable dwellings i.e.,
their very own homes. WORK FROM HOME is something that is in everyone's mouth in the present times when the world is hit hard by
a pandemic known as COVID 19 that can be expanded as Corona Virus on December 19. The pandemic brought down every aspect of
human productivity and made it confined to their own homes. We have seen the world-famous names such as Walt Disney, Bill Gates, and
many more who started their journey from their own very homes, and now we are stuck in a scenario where we have no other option but to
eat at home, work at home, work from home. the kids had no more parks but they need to study at home and play at home. Working from
home is not only by choice but also a necessity or the need of the hour. Equally important is to keep the students involved and engaged in
the online classes. The paper discusses various measures for the same. This paper is a case study of how teachers gradually shifted to
online teaching and the challenges they had to face while engaging learners while working from Home.

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Ruchie Sah, Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering Technology & Research, Bareilly

Assistant Professor

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