Factors Determining Sustainable Consumption Behaviour: A Guiding Framework from Literature

  • Suman Kharbanda Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, Shivaji College, University of Delhi, Delhi, India
  • Netra Pal Singh Professor and Dean, Department of Commerce and Business Management, MVN University, Haryana, India
Keywords: Eco-friendly Products, Concern for Environment, Emotional, Green Consumption


One of the most pressing issues facing the world today is that of rapid degradation of the environment caused by the incessant use of natural resources for satisfying human material needs. Asolution to this lies in transitioning from consuming conventional to eco-friendly products which have the least adverse impact on the environment. This study has attempted to identify the factors that determine or impact this sustainable consumption. Drawing conclusions from the extant literature, this study has listed all the determinants of sustainable consumption studied by researchers in different parts of the world in the last decade. Thirty-two factors, segregated into five broad categories viz. Endogenous, Exogenous, Situational, Product Attributes, and Demographic have been identified. It is clear that the factors work individually or in combination with each other to impact sustainable consumption behaviour, directly or indirectly, and sometimes act as moderating and mediating variables. This study shall provide pointers for future research to understand consumer behaviour concerning green products. The findings of this comprehensive study shall guide marketers and policymakers in formulating strategies to promote green consumption, in any part of the world. This paper is divided into four sections. The first section gives an introduction and lists out the research questions which the authors have attempted to answer in this study. The second section outlines the research methodology used. All the factors or determinants have been discussed in the third section. The paper concludes by giving future research prospects the current study opens up and its contribution in the form of policy recommendations.