Family Support, Social Skills, and Self Identity: A Study of New Generation Belonging to Farm Families in India

  • Rekha Singh Subject Matter Specialist (Home Science), Krishi Vigyan Kendra, IIVR, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, India
Keywords: Family Support, Social Skills, Self Identity, Farm Families


Farm families in India have a highly important and strategic role in the society as agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. With significant changes taking place on the social, economic, and technological front; there lies a huge probability that it must also be affecting the farm families in different aspects. Whether the effect is positive or negative is a matter of research. This paper analyses the effect of the changes taking place in the society on the new generation of farm families. The dimensions under which the effects have been analysed are family support, social skills, and social identity. The dimensions selected are crucial from the future growth and career choice perspective of new generation belonging to farm families and thereby directly impacting the Indian agriculture in future.