Comparative Analysis of Corporate Cross Cultural Management: A Survey of IT vs. Non IT Companies of Bangalore

  • Namrata Kapur Research Scholar, Dept of Business Studies, MSRIT, Bangalore
  • B. Janakiram
Keywords: Corporate Cross Cultural


The globalization of business which is considered as a 'second industrial revolution' is a trend that makes Cross cultural Human Resource management crucial for both IT and non IT which are the two most important industrial sectors in India contributing to the GDP and FOREX reserves today. The research focuses on finding the variables affecting cross cultural management and their inter sector analysis (IT vs. non IT) thereby indicating the best practices, gaps, similarities and dissimilarities in both. Till date the cross-cultural management has been studied and evaluated separately for IT and non IT companies but a comparative valuation under the umbrella of both has not been undertaken. This study brings a paradigm shift in focus, from the concept of a traditional HRM approach in both the segments to a sector specific (IT & non IT) approach. The results indicate that factors like training, communication, cultural intelligence together have a strong positive influence on Cross cultural human resources management but at the same time the importance and efficacy of these vary across IT and non IT sector employees. These differences and the commonalities in both sectors should be considered before implementing a policy decision in both these sectors.