Integrating Sustainability with Corporate Strategy to Enhance Organizational Performance

  • Vir Ved Ratna Associate Professor, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, India
Keywords: Sustainability, Corporate Strategy, Organizational Performance


The purpose of this study is to review and analyze the sustainability practices performed by the organizations so as to enhance their performance and retain their place in the competitive environment. The study will also critically examine the reasons behind the adoption of corporate sustainable practices by
Indian organizations. Further, the scope and benefits of the integration of the traditional Indian values in the corporate sustainable strategies have been explored along with the contribution of the sustainable corporate practices in the betterment of the environment. To attain the stated objectives, the current literature in the said study domain has been critically appraised. The study reveals confounding results, where it is found that the fundamental factor that forced the corporates to integrate sustainable practices in their processes is the pressure from the government and the local community prevailing in the place where the organization is operational. This review offers valuable areas which can be further pursued by academicians in the present domain of research.