Analyzing the Association of Intrinsic Factors of Motivation and Academic Performance of Teachers

  • Anju Tripathi Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida, UP, India
  • Abhinav Priyadarshi Tripathi Associate Professor, Department of Management Studies, IMS, Ghaziabad, U.P., India
Keywords: Performance, Intrinsic motivation, Quality education, Teachers


Objective: Given the importance of intrinsic motivation factors of teachers, the objective of this paper is to define how far these intrinsic factors are associated with academic performance. The purpose is to find out the significance of intrinsic factors of teachers in their performance outcomes and to examine “In any
manner is it contributing towards fulfillment of the objective of quality education?
Design/Methodology/Approach: The paper has a two part structure. The first part establishes the research theme with the help of qualitative literature. The second part fulfills the research objectives by utilizing statistical tools: Chi square test and Somers' D test.
Findings: The findings of the research clearly indicate that intrinsic motivation factors of teachers have an association with their academic performance. As per the results, among the three selected intrinsic motivation factors, creativity and self-efficacy factors have stronger association with performance as
compared to personal vision factor of motivation.
Research limitations: In this research work, it is assumed that the external work environment is same as respondents are selected from different institutes of the same university but within the university there is a
possibility of micro level dissimilarities. Another limitation is the possibility of biased responses of
Implications: The results focus on the importance of intrinsic motivation and suggest that the educational institutions should develop supportive environment in which teachers can utilize their inner attributes and contribute in the growth of quality education.
Originality/value: The research paper helps to the teachers, students and academic institutions by providing them a better understanding of intrinsic factors of motivation and academic performance as well as its significance in the development of quality education.