Designing the Conceptual Flow Model from Csikszentmihalyi to Gurdjieff: The Mystic Revelations

  • Soma Panja Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, NIT, Silchar, Assam
Keywords: Flow, creativity level, Skill-Work match, Interaction Model, Law of Gurdjieff


Flow as propounded by Csikszentmihalyi is an extraordinary phenomenon helping people maintaining allencompassing performance ability often triggers curiosity of whether that particular phenomenon can be replicated time and again amongst all the humans. Well, the answer can be both a YES and a NO. In order to explore the phenomenon, we will explore the principles or laws of the universe and its functioning as propounded by Gurdjieff and draw assertions from the exploration to design applicable understanding in the nature of flow. The understanding of Gurdjieff was based on his search for the truth and the mysteries present within the mystic schools in the East. Much of the spiritual work is based on this basic premise that life propagates itself and the understanding of this phenomenon is self-evident to be propounded in the basic dogmatic revelations of the individual agenda. The fundamental truth about the expectation and reality dilemma about the performance scenario based on the interaction point of view with human and its capacities along with the environmental stimuli often brings around certain understanding about the capacities and performance ability in a certain environmental setup. This particular transcending phenomena and immersion and evolving in the process of working and making extraordinary revolutions in all the spheres of life has been a constant curious case to be solved and debated with the help of yoga, Zen, science, religion, mysticism, and occult culminating from various forms of old age and new age philosophical dimensions engulfed into the spiritual underpinnings. Transcending above one's own physical boundaries to take into to the cosmic vibrations and inculcate the energy field within one's own boundaries helping them to perform and replicate things in finest creativity levels often motivates to explore these phenomena into further details.