Mediating Role of Organisational Commitment in the Relationship between Job Involvement and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour

  • Shweta Tripathi Research Scholar, Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi & Assistant Professor, Maitreyi College, University of Delhi, India
  • Ajay Kumar Singh Senior Professor, Department of Commerce, Faculty of Commerce & Business, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, India
Keywords: Job Involvement, Organizational Citizenship Behaviour, Organizational Commitment, Indian IT-BPO Companies


The basic idea behind this study was to assess how job involvement affects self-report measures of organizational citizenship behaviours. We made use of mediation model to measure the impact of job involvement and organizational commitment on employees’ citizenship behaviours. For this purpose data was collected in Delhi NCR region from 170 employees from 4 IT companies and 5 BPO companies. Job involvement was measured by asking respondents to reveal their degree of agreement on the extent to which their job behaviour is depicted by each of the 10 items. Respondents’ perception of OCB was measured using 5 dimensions: Altruism, Civic Virtue, conscientiousness, Sportsmanship, and Courtesy. Outcomes of the analysis reveal that positive relationship of Job involvement with organizational commitment and OCB. Further, organizational commitment impeccably intervene association between job involvement and organizational citizenship behaviour. Thus, nurturing high commitment levels through enhancing job involvement level can be an effective tool to enhance citizenship behaviours on the part of employees. Lastly, theoretical and practical impacts of the findings are discussed.