New Economic Perspective on Relationship Marketing

  • Yasemin Ocal Atinc Associate Professor of Marketing, Department of Marketing and Business Analytics, Texas A&M University-Commerce, United States of America
  • Sonia Taneja Professor of Management, Department of Management and Economics, Texas A&M University-Commerce, United States of America
Keywords: Relationship marketing, service dominant logic, marketing school of thought


This study offers insights into the economic side of relationship marketing. The paper aims to present the view by placing Relationship Marketing and Service-Dominant Logic under the relational marketing economic side. This study also discusses the economic perspective focuses on financial outcomes. The non-economical perspective emphasizes building strong relationships with the customers that can help the firm increase customer loyalty and commitment to the firm as the non-financial perspective. Our paper discusses that the application of relationship marketing and service-dominant logic has these financial outcomes. We discussed the service-dominant logic mentality, which proposes everything to be service; relations happen to be the most critical success factors in today’s marketing practices that impact all firms and stakeholders.