Giving Voice To Values: Lessons from India , Lessons from Life

  • Mary C. Gentile
Keywords: Values, India, Life


In this brief article, author explains some of the experience of India and life that played an important role in framing and implementation of 'Giving Voice To Values' which is today a globally recognized I have always been a somewhat “earnest” person. As a child, my parents used to caution my sisters to be patient with me because “Mary is different.” By this they meant that I thought differently, I took things more seriously than others sometimes. For example, when I was
about twelve, I remember lying in the stillness of the bedroom one night, wrestling with my reflections on the day. Finally, I decided to risk my sister's annoyance by asking her the question that troubled me: “Nancy,” I said, “when did you realize that our parents don't know everything? That they aren't always right?” My sister groaned and sighed, and gruffly replied: “Mary, you think too much.” And I supposed this is what my Mother meant when she said I was “different.”