Role of Spiritual Science in Leadershi p and Management

  • Swami Shashankananda Secretary Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Morabadi, Ranchi
Keywords: Spiritual Science, Leadershi p and Management


The success of an Organization depends upon two factors (1) Leadership and (2) Management. Success is doubtful without an excellent Leadership and Management. Modern Management talks of managing 5 Ms i.e. Man, Material, Machine, Money and Marketing. Here by managing man we mean to manage others. Spiritual science of management leads to Self management before managing others. MAN is not matter but living Conscious being. Even a worm is better than a machine. We are to go deeper to analyse our Self and identify different dimensions of Man. What a great strength will be released when we would come to know about the real self. We can then become the master of the senses, mind and intellect. Only such people can supervise, lead and manage and
become Total Quality Man. By Total Quality Man means perfection at physical (healthy physical body and different limbs), mental (perfect sense organs, unpolluted concentrated mind), intellectual (Undisturbed, balanced, sattwik intellect), social (socially awakened citizen), and spiritual (believes in One divinity in all-beings) level.