Executive Coaching Intervention and its Impact on Leadership Competencies and Leader Behaviour

  • Subhamay Chatterjee EFPM Scholar, Centre for Research Studies, Birla Institute of Management Technology,Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Keywords: Executive Coaching, Leadership Competencies, Leader behaviour, India


India, poised to thrust deep into a global economy, it has been imperative for organizations to understand, develop and establish a sustainable leadership. The new leadership role is focused at increasing need to work with other stakeholders, leading change across the business and beyond the business boundaries. With a pressure to showcase the return on investment, the organizations of today have more interest in the integrity, character and behaviour of the leaders. After careful consideration of need of the business, company XCart Limited, with a vision of achieving INR 2000 crores of revenue by 2021, have identified to impart executive coaching to two of its critical senior leaders, namely head of IT and head of Operation. With a proper plan in place, XCart want to see the change in the behaviour, change in the leadership competencies and impact on the business by those chosen leaders.