The Rising Interest in Workplace Spirituality: Micro, Meso and Macro Perspectives

  • Puneet Rai Assistant Professor, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, U.P., India
Keywords: Higher purpose, Sense of Community, Organizational Spirituality, Workplace spirituality


This paper explores the reasons for emergence of the work-place spirituality from micro(individual employee level), meso (organizational level) and macro (societal level)perspective of human aggregation. At the micro or individual employee level increased job insecurity due to business process reengineering,
downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, and outsourcing has motivated employees to search for the deeper meaning in life and work. The demise of traditional neighborhood and improved socio-economic conditions amongst younger employees has also led to contemplation on purpose of life and work at the individual
employee level. Scholars argue that the organizational leaders need to create organisational climate to facilitate employees' experiences of spirituality at work. They suggest that spiritual climate build around core spiritual values would result in deeper employee engagement and thus, it will increase organizational
strength and competitive energy. The interest in workplace spirituality at societal level could be attributed to the deteriorating ecological conditions and social problems due to rapid industrial growth.The paper also discusses the challenges in wider adoption of workplace spirituality in the commercial organisations and
how it could be addressed.