Relationship Among Technostress Productivity and Role Stress

  • Vivek Tiwari Department of Management Studies, National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur, HP, India
Keywords: Technostress,, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Role Stress


The present research is an attempt to explore the relationship among technostress, role stress and individual productivity displayed by the employees at workplace. Based on the concept of role theory, role overload and role conflict have been considered as two factors leading to role stress. It's a unique attempt made by the researcher to investigate the impact that information technology created stress, called technostress may have on the role stress and individual productivity in Indian context. A survey was conducted with the help of reliable and validated questionnaires from 233 employees working at different levels in seven organizations belonging to northern parts of the country (Delhi NCR and Chandigarh regions). After analyzing the randomly collected primary data, it was found that technostress impacts role stress positively and productivity negatively, while role stress and productivity are inversely related. It was also further
established that technostress impacts individual productivity via role stress i.e. role stress works as a mediator to the relationship of technostress individual productivity. Further implications can be that strategies used to tackle role stress may be used to tackle technostress too.