GunaTraya Model: An Effective Model for Total Quality of Mind and Organisational Development

  • Chokkalingam Researcher, SVYAS University, Bangalore
  • Sony Kumari Associate Professor, SVYAS University, Bangalore
  • K. B. Akhilesh Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  • H. R. Nagendra Chancellor, SVYAS University, Bangalore
Keywords: Ancient Indian Knowledge


Ancient Indian Knowledge is a rich source of psychology and philosophy which can be effectively used for the contemporary organisational issues. Guna Traya model of personality concept envisaged in Sankhya Philosophy and other scriptures explain the different personalities, their developments and their effects. In
modern times, some studies were done on application of this concept for personality development of individuals as well as institutional development. This paper makes a systematic analysis of description of Gunas, factors affecting their formation, twelve dimensions of gunas, relationship of gunas with demographic features of people, dynamics of team combinations with different types of personalities of people and Sans