Economic Development of Rural Population through Capital Market Inclusion in Coimbatore, India

  • P Varadharajan Assistant Professor, PSG Institute of Management, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India
Keywords: Economic Development, Capital Market


There are many ways in developing the economy, one among them is investing in stock markets, when people invest money for their benefits and returns they always prefer banks and other chit funds but not the stock markets. In this research rural population of Coimbatore were taken as stake holders and we surveyed the tax - payers of this population. A model was proposed based on these constructs and the same is analyzed to find the preventing factors. It was found that the stakeholders have very low investment experience and poor knowledge on stock markets, apart from this they have belief that markets may turn upside down in no time which makes them feel unsecured. But above all these barriers they have an investment objective in which they expect short -term returns for their investments, this can be made possible by investing in stocks. With this objective if we educate them about the trends and the ease of trading in stock markets we can make them invests in equities.