The Eightfold Path of Buddhism for an Effective & Credible Leadership

  • Sonal Shree Assistant Professor, SIBM Pune (Symbiosis International University)
  • Lavina Sharma Assistant Professor, SIBM Pune (Symbiosis International University)
Keywords: Eightfold Path, Buddhism, Credible Leadership


The critical role of a leader in has become more crucial than ever before in the era of fierce competition and the challenge to compete ethically. The first step towards being an effective leader is winning trust of the followers which can easily be done by building credibility at the personal level. Skills, capabilities, strategies and practices will be void without an understanding of the essential human hopes and aspirations that connect leaders to the followers. It is in this light that this paper explores the possibility of following the Eightfold path of Buddhism for a balanced leadership through wisdom, ethical conduct and mental discipline.