Spirituality at Work Place – An Emerging Template for Organization Capacity Building?

  • N.R.Aravamudhan Research Scholar, Anna University, Chennai
  • R. Krishnaveni Professor, PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore
Keywords: Spirituality, Work Place, Emerging Template, Capacity Building


Workplace spirituality is gaining traction in recent times. Though the confluence of age-old mysticism and good old capitalism sounds bit anachronistic, this inter-play has become a subject of fascination for both practitioners and academicians atleast from the perspective of workplace spirituality. Workplace spirituality is increasingly becoming a matter of interest to organizations because of the host of benefits it offers. Workplace spirituality seeks to build the capacity at two levels i.e. individual and organization. At individual level, it seeks to nurture the creativity, imagination and intuition besides improving the trust and honesty. At organization level, workplace spirituality holds out potential to improve organization performance. This paper looks in to the reasons for the surge of interest in spirituality at work, spirituality dealt in the realm of wisdom traditions, approaches to implementing workplace spirituality and the link between spirituality and individual and organizational outcomes.